KOEE SANTEE Magic Skin Beautifier CC Cream SPF 20

Koee Santee Magic Skin Beautifier CC SPF 20 Cream Light and Dark Shades – CC stands for “color correction” or “color control”: means “color adjustment”, so the main features of CC Cream is focused on improving the skin color uniform.

CC Cream is a new generation of BB Cream.

CC Cream is a new generation of BB Cream. Compared with BB, CC has many superior features:

  • Better coverage and ultra smooth to the defects in the skin such as pores, dark skin, melasma, freckles, “disappeared” after use.
  • Structural: CC thinner cream, liquid texture, gentle, almost form mouse, no oil and create a sense of lightweight, more comfortable when applied to the skin. Skin will feel comfortable, natural and not thick like BB or Found.
  • More nutrient BB should level of CC skincare better, can help skin whitening, moisturizing, sun protection, preventing premature skin aging phenomenon.
  • To control the excess oil on skin, prevent acne. CC should be especially suitable for oily skin, oily skin, acne-prone skin. BB still is not.

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CC Cream Light and Dark Shades
Koee Santee SPF 20

The outstanding advantage of CC Cream Koee Santee (KOEÉ™ USA)

Creamy texture: very thin and smooth, rapidly absorbed when applied to the skin. Lightly scented, can. Not too thick cream should be easily combined with other products. Can be applied with a brush, sponge or fingers to apply it to the skin are. Due to a creamy texture and thin so it is suitable for all skin types, including oily skin too.

Coverage: CC Cream Koee Santee pretty well covered with brown spots, freckles or darkening pigmentation. If the skin has many weaknesses as bruises or pimples, you can add a layer of loose powder CC class this cream, preferably with a powder coated to help control excess oil on the skin, fixed and cream layer enhanced leveling effect a little more skin.

High long-lasting: If makeup from 8am to around 5pm remained without cream background color tone down or fade away. At noon when you use a wet towel on the skin gently pat or wash your face with clean water, the cream is still very beautiful background but he had never been away or oxidized. This is a plus point for CC Cream KOEE SANTEE



  • Cover skin imperfections such as wrinkles grooves, crow’s feet, brown spots, age spots, dull bruise.
  • Helps skin soft, fresh and radiant.
  • Supply of water and moisturize the skin from the inside out, balancing the skin oily.
  • Stops harmful agents from the environment, protect skin with SPF 20.
  • Anti-wrinkle and anti-aging, skin whitening and helps improve skin color.
  • Helps adjust skin tones become brighter.
  • Control of the lubricant on the skin, prevent acne.
  • Easy Cleansing.

User manual:

User manual:

  1. Every morning, after cleansing the skin, for a few drops of cream on the fingertips, gently rub over the surface.
  2. To achieve higher coverage, you should use a little talcum powder after CC cream, and help control the amount of oil on the skin.